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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Free VOIP Calls To Landline And Mobile Phones World Over

e have reviewed several free VOIP service provider from time to time, Voixio is another such free ad-supported VOIP provider, Voixio offers an easy to use flash interface to make free VOIP and video calls worldover, before connecting the call Voixio displays an video advertisement, this is the most promising ad-supported VOIP service we have reviewed.

Free VOIP Service
You will need to register for a free account at Voixio in order to make calls, the signup is very easy, however you can use the login "sioprith@guerrillamail.biz" and password "sioprith@guerrillamail.biz" to start testing things without registering, After testing do post your feedback in the comments below.

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