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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Free Genuine One Year Subscription Key For Panda Internet Security 2011

Panda Security has a wide range of computer security software's for everybody's need, if you missed the Panda Cloud Antivirus promotion, here is your chance to grab a full-version one-year genuine subscription key to Panda Internet Security 2011.
Panda Internet Security 2011 is a complete computer security solution offering protection from viruses, spyware, rookits, hacking tools, online fraud, identity theft and all other Internet threats, In addition, it keeps your inbox spam-free, offers Parental Control features and allows you to browse the web privately and securely with sandboxed Panda Safe Browser.
Panda Internet Security 2011
Key features:
* Antivirus
* Firewall & Identity Protect
* Anti-Spam & Parental Control
* Multimedia/Gaming Mode
* Home Network Manager
* Remote PC Access
* Safe Browser (Sandboxing)
To get your complementary Panda Internet Security 2011 registration key visit the promo-page - http://goo.gl/FhFYm and fill-in the details as translated below.
Registration Screen
Registration screen
UPDATE # The Image verification needs Chinese characters to complete the form, so useless for rest of the world.

Splashtop OS - The InstantSplashtop OS - The Instant-On Addon For Your Existing Operating System

We want our computers to be as fast as possible, and one of the most annoying issue with today's operating-systems has been slow booting time. While there are already various developments going on to make computer booting faster, how about an Instant-On addon to your existing operating-system for times when you want fast-access to internet, email, chat, multimedia and files on your computer without needing to boot-up the fully-loaded operating-system ?
Well if you said "yes" Splashtop OS is for you - a fast instant-on Linux-based platform running Chromium delivering power-on and go desktop experience, Splastop OS has been available for quite some time as an customized OEM bundle with various laptops and net-books and now has been made available for free to anyone as an install on top of your existing OS version.
Splashtop OS
After installation when you computer power is switched-on it boots into Splashtop which automatically boots-out to Windows after pre-configured time passes without any action.

Make And Receive Phone Calls From Gmail

After successfully integrating Voice and Video Chat in Gmail Google has taken another step forward and is now offering free calls to and from Gmail itself. Integrating Google Voice into Gmail users will now be able to send and receive free calls to the U.S. and Canada with calls to other countries at very low rates right from their web-browser without installing anything (Apart from Google Voice and Video Chat Plugin).
Gmail Phone Calls
Incoming Call In Gmail Gmail Incoming Call
Integrated Phone Dialer In Gmail
Gmail Phone Call Dialer
The feature is being rolled out to U.S. based Gmail users over the next few days, and can be used via “Call Phones” option which will show up in their chat-list once enabled(you will need to install Google voice and video plug-in if you haven’t already).

[Free Accounts Giveaway] FBVPN - Faster And Better VPN Service

We have reviewed many VPN services and had given away lots of free accounts, today we are excited to host another such giveaway with excellent VPN service FBVPN which is sponsoring free accounts valid for three, two and one month duration.
Just like any other PPTP protocol based VPN service FBVPN allows users to bypass internet censorship and surf the web without restrictions privately, via an encrypted data channel, what makes FBVPN better from other providers is the speed and support system provided by the service. Amongst all the PPTP VPN services reviewed so far FBVPN provides the easiest to follow setup examples on all major platforms and also features an easy Question & answer system to answer customer queries.
Easy PPTP VPN Configuration Instructions
FBVPN is giving away a total of 30 accounts valid for 3, 2 and 1 month (10 each) - to participate simply click the Tweeter contest link below and follow the instructions provided.

Get eMailTrackerPro For Free And Start Tracing Emails To Their Geographic Location

Every email you receive or send accompany informational email-headers which can be used to trace its originating location and the path it took to reach you, these headers come handy when you want to track the geographical location of the sender or want to report abused IP addresses of Spam or Scam emails.
If you are a computer savvy user you can view the email-headers and trace the IP location manually but there exist easy to use automated software utilities which gets the job done without any hassle, one such leading software is eMailTrackerPro which costs $29.95 USD to buy but for a limited time you can grab a fully-functional free license key of this utility and start tracking your email originating location.
eMailTrackerPro eMail Tracer In Action
To benefit from this limited period free promotional offer for eMailTrackerPro v 8 (the latest version being v 9) follow the steps shown below :
  1. Download eMailTrackerPro v 8 setup from here [Size : 6.5 MB].
  2. Visit this promotional page and enter your email address fro receiving the complimentry license code.
  3. eMailTrackerPro License Code Registration
  4. You should receive the registration code in your email instantly.
  5. Use the registration code to unlock the full-version of the utility.

Unlimited Free Calls To Various Countries Including India From USA, UK And Brazil

We have shared many services offering free VOIP calling to various countries around the world, most of these services offer free calling to many countries but often does not include India as a free destinations - now here we have a new service allowing unlimited free international calls to various destinations world-over
including India
at local rates from USA, UK and Brazil.
Free VOIP Calls Via Local Access Numbers
The free local access-number based VOIP service is pretty straight forward to use and all you need to do is to dial the provided local access-number and then once connected follow the IVR instructions provided by the gateway.
Despite the name FreeCall2India.com, the free VOIP service provider allows calls to many countries and all you need to do is to dial your number in this format: Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number # to get connected.

Supported Free Calling Destinations :
Australia - Adelaide
Australia - Brisbane
Australia - Canberra
Australia - Melbourne
Australia - Perth
Australia - Sidney
Bangladesh Mobile
Canada Mobile
China - Mobile
Colombia - Barranquilla
Colombia - Bogota
Colombia - Cali
Colombia - Medellin
Colombia - Pereira
Hong Kong
Hong Kong - Mobile
India - Ahmedabad
India - Bangalore
India - Calcutta
India - Chennai
India - Ernakulam
India - Hyderabad
India - Jallandhar
India - Mobile
India - Mumbai
India - New Delhi
India - Pune
Indonesia - Jakarta
Indonesia - Surbaya
Mexico - Durango
Mexico - EA 1
Mexico - EA 2
Mexico - EA 3
Mexico - Guadalajara
Mexico - Leon
Mexico - Mexico City
Mexico - Monterrey
Mexico - Puebla
Mexico - Queretaro
Mexico - Saltillo
Mexico - San Luis Potosi
Mexico - Toluca
Russia - Moscow
Russia - St. Petersburg
Singapore - Mobile
Thailand - Mobile
United Kingdom
United States
United States Mobile

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Trick For Unlimited Free Calls To Landline And Mobile Phones Anywhere In India

Many free phone calling tips have been posted on this blog but this one blows them all, instead of regular PC-to-phone VOIP calls this trick allows users to enjoy unlimited phone-to-phone calls anywhere in India.
Unlimited Free Calls To India
To make this work all you need to do is to follow the simple to use instructions below :
  1. Go to http://localads.rediff.com/
  2. Click the Post Ad button
  3. Create Ad
  4. Fill in the form to create your ad, wait for one hour for your advertisement to get listed.
  5. After an hour go back to http://localads.rediff.com/ and search your ad.
  6. Open you ad and instead of your number enter your destination number and click Talk Now.
  7. Unlimited Free Calls To India
  8. Both destination and your phone will receive calls from Rediff Local and get connected, Each call is limited to 1 minute 30 seconds but you can repeat the process as many times you want.
  9. You can also pass on this listing URL to your friends so they can call you for free.

Free Wordwide Calls By Zoippe

Hongkong Based VOIP service provider Zoippe is offering free worldwide calling credit to new users via a special invitation link, to make use of the free calling credit, follow the steps:

Free VOIp Calling
  1. Register at Zoippe -> Click Here (This is a invitation link to get instant 10 mins. free worldwide calling credit)
  2. Download the soft phone.
  3. Install and make calls (Do Not add + before country code)
  4. You will get credit for referring friends, If you refer 5 friends, you will get 100 minutes and your friend will get 10 free minutes instantly if he activate his account.
Zoippe offers features like:
  • Zoippe SMS
  • Zoippe Call Divert - Not at your PC? Simply divert calls to your mobile or
    fixed line -
    and stay
    connected always!
  • Zoippe IM - Exchange messages in real time with other people over the internet.
  • Zoippe Linkup - Enter your phone number and your friend's phone number. ZoiPPE will link both numbers for that crystal clear call...more
  • Zoippe IM

Impressive Linux Boot In One Second

SwiftBootNobody likes to wait for their computers/cellphones/devices to boot-up and many technologies are now being worked upon to get rid of the startup delays, we already have solutions like Instant On Splashtop OS before us and developments like "SwiftBoot" providing sub-second boot speeds for embedded Linux devices has made things look much more promising in near future.
Instant On Linux OS
Check-out the video demonstration of this super-fast Linux boot next.

Free Lifetime USA Incoming Number With 200 Minutes Of Outgoing

If your profession demands a USA phone-number or if you have relatives in USA having a local forwarding number comes pretty handy, usually you need to shell out money for having such facility as most VOIP service providers charge you for having an U.S.A. incoming phone number, but today I will be sharing not one but three services which will provide you a fully-functional USA call-in landline number for free without requiring any payment information.
Out of the three services tested, I found SIPGate to be the most feature-rich so I will be providing step-by-step instructions for it only, links to other two service are at the end of the post, follow the instructions next to receive your own free US incoming number from SIPGate :
  1. Access SIPGate registration page via AceVPN or any other USA proxy/VPN.
  2. Visit FakeNameGenerator and create an USA identity, use this information to signup at SIPGate.
  3. SIPGate Signup
  4. Confirm your email and you will be prompted with a screen as below, click Proceed.... button.
  5. Select USA number
  6. A confirmation will be provided and number will get reserved, this will be your local USA phone number.
  7. USA number reserved
  8. Now download the SIPgate softphone and install it.
  9. To receive forwarded calls on you PC via SIPgate softpone, add and setup a new VOIP phone from your SIPGate settings page and login into SIPGate softphone from your desktop.
  10. Adding VOIP phone VOIP phone
  11. The status of newly added VOIP phone should be Online as shown below.
  12. VOIP phone online
  13. Let the SIPGate softphone run in background and any calls made to your local US phone number will now get forwarded to your desktop softphone now.
  14. Incoming VOIP Call
The other two services offering free USA call-in number are :
  1. IPcomms.net
  2. IPKall

Free Calls From And To Pakistan

We have posted about free calls to Pakistan offer by LowRateVOIP which is obsolete now, but here is another service to talk with your loved ones in Pakistan for almost free at local call rates, the free Phone to PC service Connect2PK allows your contacts in Pakistan to call local access-numbers in Karachi, Faisalabad, Lahore and Islamabad to get connected with you anywhere in world on your PC/Phone at cheaper local calling rates.
Phone To PC Calling Model How Free Calls Works
The free service offers a generous 20min/call round the clock and 45min/call from 4 to 10 A.M., once configured on your PC or cellphone your simply need to ask you cotacts in Pakistan to call access numbers and get connected instantly.
Simply visit Connect2PK.com for all the instructions and help.

Free Unlimited PC To Phone Calls To USA,UK,Canada, Germany, China, France, Australia, Singapore, Japan & Brazil

One of the World's biggest telecom company - Reliance Communications, the Indian major is all set to make its presence felt in VOIP business, with the launch of their VOIP service Reliance iCall
they are surely going to make a impact in the VOIP market.
To promote the launch of their service the company is offering 100% free calls to landline and mobile phones destinations like USA, UK, Canada, Germany, China, France, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Brazil till 15 January 2009.
Zero Call Rates Worldover
I can't find any usage limitation mentioned on there promotional page so I guess this is unlimited during the promotional period, to benefit you simply need to get Registered and download the dialer from there official website.

Convert RSS Feeds To Mobile Optimized Format With SMS Alerts

The mobile web is a pretty hot niche with ever growing user base, it seems that the next internet revolution (Web 3.0) is going to happen over hand-held devices, biggies like Google and Mozilla have already geared up for the next web-revolution by offering their products on the mobile platform like Google Adsense for Mobile and Firefox Mobile (Fennec) web-browser.
FeedM8 is a free service offering mobile optimized RSS feeds for bloggers and readers, with a few clicks website publishers can create and offer mobile enabled version of their website with SMS alert facility (Only for US and Canada) when new content is added, individual users can also create and access mobile feeds of their favorite sites, social networks, and weather updates getting alerted by SMS on mobile devices anywhere, anytime.
RSS To Mobile
FeedM8 makes use of patent pending technology to create phone-model specific website versions using RSS technology, FeedM8 also offers easy integration options with ability to monetize mobile feeds for publishers.
Feed For Mobile
Get SMS Alerts For This Website on Your Cellphone
Get Text Alerts

Powered by FeedM8

Mobile Link

reCAPTCHA Mail Hide - Stop Spam Bots Harvesting Your Email Address from Webpages

Free VOIP Calls To Landline And Mobile Phones World Over

e have reviewed several free VOIP service provider from time to time, Voixio is another such free ad-supported VOIP provider, Voixio offers an easy to use flash interface to make free VOIP and video calls worldover, before connecting the call Voixio displays an video advertisement, this is the most promising ad-supported VOIP service we have reviewed.

Free VOIP Service
You will need to register for a free account at Voixio in order to make calls, the signup is very easy, however you can use the login "sioprith@guerrillamail.biz" and password "sioprith@guerrillamail.biz" to start testing things without registering, After testing do post your feedback in the comments below.