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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maybank2u.com Important Alert Phishing Scam

Maybank is the largest bank and financial group in Malaysia and it has a pretty good and complete online banking system. I have been using it for many years to conveniently pay my bills online and to transfer funds without even going to an ATM machine or to the bank. Recently there has been many fake Maybank2u websites created by phishers to steal the username and password. I don’t know why they even do it because transferring funds to a third party account that is not saved into the favorites requires to key in the random unique TAC code that is sent to the mobile phone and that number can ONLY be changed in the ATM machine. So there is no point in stealing an unknown user’s maybank2u login information.
Here is one that I’ve recently received on my personal Hotmail account. It is claimed to be sent by servicenotify@maybank2u.com with the subject Important Alert. The body the of email says the following:
Dear Customer,
During our last security update, we noticed problems with the security image on your account. You are therefore required to verify your account and select a new securuty image. As an additional security verification, you will be required to verify your security question and answers.
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Thank you for using Maybank2u.com

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