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Sunday, April 17, 2011

How To Control Your Computer with Your Cell Phone

Remotely Control Your PC from Anywhere with Your Cell Phone!

Have you ever been away from your desktop and needed some information that was on it? Have you ever needed to shutdown your computer or do something underhanded while away? In this post I am going to show you how to control your PC from your Cell Phone.

There is a program called CellPC that allows you to perform operations on your home/work PC via your cell phone or wireless device quickly and easily. Imagine being able to shutdown, restart, or logoff your PC remotely... search files on your computer and then send them to your cell phone... view a realtime screenshot of your computer at anytime... lockdown your computer... send a message/note/reminder to your computer... and much more!

CellPC Top Features:

  • Perform Shutdowns, Restarts, Logoffs
  • View a Screenshot of your Computer
  • Search for and Retrieve Files
  • View and Close Open Windows
  • Customizable Commands Editing
  • Be Alerted when your Computer is Used View and Close Open Applications
  • Send Messages to your Computer
  • Lock and Unlock your Computer
  • Secure Command Execution
  • Log all Access Attempts and Commands
  • Disable/Enable Commands at will

How does CellPC Work? 

Will CellPC Work for Me?

CellPC can work with any Windows computer as long as it has a steady internet connection while the software is running.

If you want to verify that CellPC will work with your device, contact the CellPC support team so you can send them a test message from your phone.

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