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Sunday, August 29, 2010

how to get pc at low cost

Ready to buy a computer but really don’t know where to start, just sit back and relax, this page is going to tell you all you need know to get the best buy Computer.

Let’s understand the factors that you need to look into to buy a Computer:

First thing for deciding your Best Buy Computer is - How you are going to use your Computer?:

Some of the basic usage for computers [There are a lot more areas in which computers are used, this list is just to enable you to factor the right computer based on your requirements]:
You are going to use it for checking emails, browsing the internet, chatting, online-dating, etc.
You are going to use it for running software for your office or business and will be using it for applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project, Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.
You are going to use it for playing games.
You are buying a Computer for developing software applications.

If you are buying a Computer for the first two reasons and it is your first Computer then its best that you buy the “Standard Specification” that is available in the market in your country.

Standard specification is the 'in' thing in the market, the market is going to be flooded with these computers, hence the cost of this specification will be low. But if you want to buy a good computer that you can use for home, work and play then it would be worth while to understand what goes into defining a Computer Specification.

Next thing for deciding your Best Buy Computer is - How much is your Budget? Budget is the next deciding factor as to how good each of the components will be on your Computer.

Let’s dive in and see how you can define the Computer Specification that’s best for you and balance it with the budget you have.

Lets understand some basics about Computers, any computer you buy will have the following components:
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Computer Memory (RAM)
Hard drive
DVD / CD Drive
Video Card
Sound Card
External Connectors (USB, COM Ports, LPT Ports)
Network Card
Operating System

The first 4 components are the major cost drivers for your computer and will contribute to 70% of the cost of the computer, but they are 90% of the factors towards the performance of your machine

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